D&O insurance explained. Complete guide to Directors and Officers insurance

Learn more about D&O insurance – https://www.digitalrisks.co.uk/business-insurance/directors-and-officers-insurance/

0:22 What is D&O insurance and who does it cover?
0:49 Why should companies consider this cover?
1:06 Why is D&O essential for companies looking for investment?
1:19 What does D&O policy cover?
1:40 What extensions to the cover are worth considering?
1:54 What are the risks for the senior management team?
2:20 What are the examples of claims covered by the policy?
2:55 How much does this cover actually cost?
3:19 Key take-outs

In this video, you will find a complete explanation for directors and officers liability insurance to learn the ins and outs of this business insurance cover. Directors liability insurance protects the personal liability of company directors (also known as directors and officers insurance) for any mistakes or omissions they might make while in the role.


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