Alamin Bago Bumili ng Insurance! Life Insurance 2019 Financials Overview

What is the best Insurance in the Philippines? I compare Key Performance Indicators for each from an Industry view.

I took a look at the 6 major indexes of life insurance companies registered in the Philippines considering all Variable and Traditional Insurance. If you know someone who is thinking of buying insurance, share this video with them. The data we will show is new enrollments, net and premium income, assets, net worth, paid up capital, I explain why those are important for you.

Join me in this series where I look for the best insurance

Sun Fit and Well Advantage 10 –
Manulife Adam Ambition 10 –
FWD Set for Health 10 –
Allianz PNB eAZy Platinum 5 –
Best Insurance by Financials –

0:00 Context of comparison and why
2:30 New Enrollments
3:40 Industry Share /Enrollment Breakdown
5:35 Observations on the players
6:36 Paid Up Capital Definition and IC mentioned Issues with Existing Paid up Capitals
11:04 Net worth
11: 49 Net Assets
12:44 Net income
13:56 Premium Income
16:23 Conclusions

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If you want the excel data I can share through Gdrive – data also available through Insurance Commission


Kung may gusto ka malaman tungkol sa isang brand ng insurance, I have contacts per brand.

Manulife – Reena Moreno-Banez

Sun Life – Airen Lunar-Gabito

Axa – Ma Doris Lazatin-Tabios

“FWD – Bee Madronio

Philam life: Jeff Ricafrente

Prulife UK – Keiti Sia


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