Expat health insurance Germany

How to find the best health insurance for expats in Germany! There are many good solutions, and the best fit will depend on your situation. Students, employees, self-employed, freelancers, Youth Mobility Visa all have different requirements.

To schedule a free consultation, please book online at https://www.expatlauncher.com/contactus.


If you want to sign up for health insurance without consultation, below are some general options. Please bare in mind that this can in no way substitute a professional consultation, and we highly recommend you to talk to a broker of your choice.

Sudents – TK public insurance: http://bit.ly/2Zyz1T4

Employees (income under € 5062,50) – TK public insurance: http://bit.ly/30KeRTj

Employees (income over € 5062,50) – Ottonova private insurance: http://bit.ly/ottonovaEL

Freelancers / self-employed – Ottonova private insurance: http://bit.ly/ottonovaEL

Language Visa – Travel insurance Care Concept Care Expatriate: http://bit.ly/34fqkwC

Youth Mobility Visa – Travel insurance Care Concept Care Expatriate: http://bit.ly/34fqkwC


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