World CryptoUnit – WCRU (EN)

A new player with real assets entered the world market on 10.02.2021. How often do you get an opportunity that can change your life? The standard crypto currency is a bloated bubble, with no fundamentals under the bottom, but the World Crypto Unit stands on strong foundations, which contains such areas as – Gold mining, Innovative transport, Basalt fiber production, Synthetic diamond production, Stocks, bonds, assets, Film industry, Real estate, Cryptocurrency markets. WCRU at the stage of PRE STO for the time of 1. year has grown by at least 4000 percent. The price is growing rapidly, and this is just the beginning.
A real project, with real assets and real facts.
Blockchain –
Audit Score 11.5 Billion Dollars –
US Securities Commissions –
Confirmation of STO Market –

UGPay Group presents: WorldCRU (WCRU) security token, registered with the US Securities Commission.

WorldCRU (WCRU) is a digital share – a share of the Global Investment Portfolio, allowing its owners to have 4 types of income.

For more information on all the benefits of WCRU, see the video.

registration to purchase WCRU –


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