Explanation on Casualty and Property Insurance (P&C Explained)

This week on Financial Planning: Explained, Michael is joined by Mike Cellucci. Mike is the owner of Cellucci Foran Insurance, Inc., located in Springfield, PA, where Mike focuses on Property and Casualty insurance.

Michael and Mike review the various aspects of risk management to buy an insurance policy. Mike Celluci explains how insurance consultants work and the business reach of Cellucci Foran Insurance.

Mike talks about independent insurance agents & captive insurance agents and explains the significant differences and limitations between the two. Moreover, Mike also talks about the direct insurance agents and the types of insurance depending on the deductible amount and customer requirements.

Next, they discuss how to buy insurance, the factors that affect the type of insurance policy, and the differences between independent and captive insurance claims. While looking towards your homeowner’s policy and liability coverage, there are few cost-effective ways to be giving ways giving you big chunks of coverage, which people overlook in the majority of the cases. Learn about the benefits of insurance consultation before buying or claiming insurance and the various conditions that can affect an insurance claim.

Lastly, Michael asks Mike about Full-tort and Limited-tort insurance policies and how they can benefit any casualty claims as a victim. Watch to the end of the video for general guidance on how to shop for Insurance policies, the importance of insurance credits, insurance scores, what to look for to buy the most beneficial insurance, and more.

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Meet Mike Menninger, CFP, the host of Financial Planning: Explained https://maaplanning.com/who-we-are/ou…

Meet Mike Menninger, CFP the host of Financial Planning: Explained

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