Trade finance digitisation for SME, A Singapore case study – #dltledgers.

Cross-border trade is a huge and complex industry. It involves numerous parties and multiple jurisdictions and is beset by inefficiencies and challenges. Proponents of technology have long threatened the “digitisation” of trade but few have yet achieved repeatable, digitally-executed transactions. Finally, however, this is changing.

Around the world, businesses of all sizes are starting to deploy next-generation digital platforms to automate their trade operations. Concepts like blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and cloud computing are no longer just buzzwords; they are tools that drive productivity, increase access to working capital, and create competitive advantage.

#dltledgers​ has created the world’s leading “plug-and-play” solution for digitising cross-border trade and supply chains. It combines the benefits of all of the technologies above in a single platform, enabling businesses to collaborate more quickly, efficiently, securely, and transparently. Used by over 4,000 businesses participating in, financing, or supporting cross-border trades, the platform is easy to adopt, delivers business results immediately, reduces transaction cycle times, frees up working capital, and automates expensive, manual processes. To date, $3bn-worth of trades have been executed on the platform. To explore how you can achieve the same, please get in touch.Visit us at to find out more.visit us at :

The world’s largest cross-border trade digitisation platform.


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