every finance bro

let’s face it, there’s bros… and then there’s finance bros. you know…
*has an internship in new york for one summer*
*becomes finance guru at the age of 23*
*totals dad’s Lamborghini Huracan*
*hits juul*

tour dates !!
AUSTIN, TX: Sept. 22 & 24th
Lexington, KY: September 30-Oct 2
Plano/Dallas, TX: OCT. 7-10 (MOVED/new date added)
Virginia Beach, VA: Oct 22-24
New Brunswick, NJ: Nov 4-6
Jacksonville, FL: Nov 18-20
Denver, CO: Dec 9-11
Charlotte, NC: Dec 16-18
Nashville, TN: Jan 6

Tickets at: https://www.trevorwallacecomedy.com

Listen/watch to my podcast @StiffSocks / every Wednesday !

Shot and edited by: @johnyo

if ur still reading this, go comment “did trevor just IPA”


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