Evorich – API-NEEW Australia And RoW: Presents UGPay Group AG. WCRU Sales starting on 22 FEB 2022

Presented by: Sharon A Fairfull – Vice President NEEW Group: The Best Online Project with Multi Level Crowd Investing, Financial Literacy and access to Co Ownership Equity in Eco Friendly XXI Century Technologies.


Have you heard about Multi Level Crowd Investing? This is a Game Changer!
You are invited as my guest to join our Private Equity Club to create Generational Wealth for Families and help us Save the Planet!

Register your Free Account here : https://academypi.org/cTsc
(Please check the inviter is: Arthur Sydney Fairfull)
Register your Free account and activate immediately from your Gmail confirmation.

Click on the activation link in the welcome email to confirm. Then complete your account profile.

Please carefully input correct data and record your login and password.

To learn more and join our Dedicated Community for your convenience you are invited to join our Closed Facebook group NEEW Australia and Row. ***Please answer the entry questions for FAST START : https://www.facebook.com/groups/NEEWAustraliaAndRow/

Please read the announcements, complete the Learning Units and read all instructions for fast start. Let me know if you need support or have any questions. Take some time to review all the details and if your are interested in partnership and securing your EQUITY in our Global Investment portfolio Private Club – API New Economic Evolution of the world CRU CLUB then let me know when you are ready to take the next step.

There is a bit of reading and watching to do. Give me a message when you are done 🙂

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Sharon A Fairfull
NEEW President Advisor
NEEW Master Profi Coach
NEEW Genius of Finance Coach
NEEW Australia Project Manager
International Speaker/ Mentor
Pastoral Care
#NEEWAustraliaAnd ROW

AMBASSADOR for the International Generals for World Peace
The AMBASSADOR of PEACE is a public recognition, acceptance in the International Association “Generals of the World — for Peace” as a person selflessly working in the field of peace, consolidation of peace, friendship and mutual understanding between nations. God’s blessing as a Peacemaker.
Register here for more information: http://iga1.org/?r=257 (SELECT ENGLISH)

Sharon is married and has 3 grown up children and lives in Perth Hills, Northern Valley Region in Western Australia.

Coming from a diverse working background including as a Singer/Performer, Office Management Administration, Consumer Finance Banking, Multiple Small Business ownership, Massage and Beauty Therapist Aerobic and Gymnastic Instructor, Community Radio Broadcaster and Station Manager, Pastoral Care and Life Coach, Award winning Family Counsellor for Financial planning of Secondary Education Scholarships, Senior Advertising Executive in the Multimedia – Print and Electronic Advertising/ Marketing, Electronic commercial production for TV and Film industry.
Successful Real Estate Sales and Buyers Agent and together with husband Arthur over 30 years experience in Commercial Building/ Construction, Administration and Project Management/ Specialists in Renovation and Restoration in the Residential property market.

Change of circumstances led Sharon to be working in the online space for last 10 + years.
Sharon was invited from an online fb friend to take a look at the SWIG opportunity in Feb 2017, she joined in March and started with $10 and has now created a massive Equity Portfolio and a Multi six figure income.

Sharon’s network has grown to more that 106k+ members that spans approx. 145 countries and is helping many people achieve Financial Freedom and Independence through Financial Literacy and Wealth Creation Education.

All content and information provided in the presentation is general advice and for educational purposes only. If you wish to make a particular investment or follow a particular strategy then you should consult a financial adviser to fully understand the risks associated with that course of action in your particular circumstances.

READY TO GET STARTED? MLCI is a XXI Century Innovative Business and Income producing Solution for everyday people to prosper and create win wins.
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There is a $0 start up and a system that is very duplicatable.
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Become a Co Owner in our ever expanding Consumer Community Eco System.
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