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On February 22, 2022, the long-awaited event in the world of investment will take place – the launch of the second stage of the sale of WCRU tokens. WCRU Inc. in collaboration with the Swiss company UGPay Group AG launched the global project in digital and blockchain technology. Let us remind you that the first stage of sales started in early 2021, and over a few months the cost of WCRU experienced significant growth. So what is unique about this token and how safe is it to invest in it?
Holders of WCRU tokens can receive four types of income:

1. Staking, i.e. placing tokens in a crypto wallet to be rewarded with UNTB (a utility token that gives access to network resources such as RAM, memory; CPU, computing power; and/or NET, speed);
2. loyalty program bonus – WCRU holders receive a monthly bonus of 5% of the total token sales;
3. profi-bonus – on a monthly basis WCRU owners receive part of the profits generated by the company from any of its business in each investment sector proportionate to the number of tokens they hold (paid in USDU, the company’s stablecoin; each USDU token is fully backed by the fiat US dollar);
4. continuous increase in the value of WCRU driven by the rapid growth in the value of the assets of the global investment portfolio.

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