Wcru खरीदने का आखरी मौका। Cru की कीमत कितनी है और Cru की कीमत कैसे बढ़ेगी? Wcru की कीमत कितनी है?

WCRU की price कितनी है? Wcru खरीदने का आखरी मौका। Cru की कीमत कितनी है और Cru की कीमत कैसे बढ़ेगी?(Wcru@skyway invest group )


Telegram Chanal link…..


This group 👇is different purpose to increase our CRU, UNTB, WCRU, we need much as much people, who’s Cryptounit community member.🤝



👉We have about 1,7 Million people around the world from many groups, now we need to *combine all groups together to show the world how powerful we are!!*

👉Everyone has responsible with our own investments, supporting our company and bring more valuable

👉*We are all together will be stronger and more successful*

👉We have big mission need to be archived for this world!!!

👉Let’s do 1 million member on this group, join and add your all team members then CRU will reach 2$.
All the best

♦️ Everyone should read this information ❗️

📌Bitcoin – Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, the father of all digital currencies.
📌Satoshi is a “penny” in Bitcoin. It was named after the alleged developer of the cryptocurrency. After the decimal point up to 8 digits.
📌Coin is a cryptocurrency created on its own Blockchain.
📌Token is a cryptocurrency that was created on the Blockchain of another cryptocurrency. The token is similar to a share in a company.
📌Smart contracts (smart contracts) are an extension of Blockchain technology. It makes it possible to use cryptocurrencies as a kind of shares or any other material values, and freely exchange them without the involvement of intermediaries.
📌Altcoin/Alts is a generic name for all digital coins and tokens perceived as an alternative. These are all other currencies except Bitcoin.
📌Fiat is the traditional currency. For example, dollar, euro, pound, etc.
📌 Bears is a term in exchange trading, meaning traders who sell cryptocurrency, reducing its rate.
📌 Bulls is an exchange term that means traders who buy cryptocurrency, increasing its value.
📌The whale is a major player that can influence a significant change in the rate of cryptocurrency.
📌Hamster is a newcomer to the cryptocurrency market. He does not know the basics of trading, therefore he acts on the basis of momentary moods in the market.
📌Airdrop (AirDrop) – events for the distribution of coins on various conditions, including free.
📌Bounty – campaigns aimed at promoting a cryptocurrency brand.
📌Crowdsale is an event designed to attract investors. During the pre-sale of coins for the organization (ICO), participants receive a certain share of the startup. It is also possible to purchase a new cryptocurrency at a lower rate.
📌A faucet (or it is also called a valve) is a service that distributes a small amount of coins for performing the simplest actions (for example, clicking on a picture).
📌Blockchain – Blockchain, a public database that stores information about transactions and other information important in the operation of cryptocurrency.
📌A block is a certain amount of information about the operation of a cryptocurrency platform, in particular, about transactions.
📌 Blockchain technology is a certain “chain of blocks”.
📌Network decentralization is the distribution of tasks and functions between platform users. Eliminates centralized system management.
📌A transaction is an operation to transfer digital money from one user to another.
📌Transaction confirmation – immediately after the transfer of digital money from one user to another, the operation is verified by working nodes (nodes).
📌Public key is the address of the crypto wallet.
📌Private key is the encryption phrase required to access the cryptocurrency. It cannot be told to anyone and myst be kept securely.
📌A fork is an offshoot of a cryptocurrency that has become a separate digital asset.
📌Staking is a reward for holding coins.
📌Mining is the process of forming blocks and confirming transactions.
📌Farming is essentially a type of mining, this is when you get one crypto for staking another crypto.
📌Hashrate is the performance of mining equipment. It is an indicator of how efficiently the equipment performs such operations.
📌Farm – a computer with several video cards designed for mining coins.
📌Fiat – state currencies such as ruble, dollar, euro, etc.
📌Komsa — commission for currency conversion or money transfer.
📌A cutlet is a big bundle of money.
📌Liquidity is a measure of how quickly a digital asset can be sold at its current market value.
📌 Scam is the closure of a project (company) in which the company ceases to fulfill its obligations.
📌Cryptocurrency scam* – a situation when the Cryptocurrency Blockchain does not work, or it becomes impossible to sell the cryptocurrency – a fraudulent cryptocurrency project.


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