#Must take insurance #How to choose liability insurance in germany | tamil vlog @URExploringEurope

#Must take insurance #How to choose liability insurance in germany | tamil vlog @URExploringEurope
Liability insurance is must to take insurance in germany. In this video you will see how to choose haftpflichtversicherung in check24.de.

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In this video,
A single second of inattention can have major consequences and cause serious damage. Even if it’s just because you’re crossing a cycle path lost in thought and overlooking the approaching cyclist. He falls, in the worst case, sustains serious injuries and his bike is irreparably damaged by the fall. A similar scenario can occur when your own dog suddenly escapes, runs onto the street and causes an accident. By law, the person who caused the damage or the dog owner must be liable for all third-party liability damage. And in the worst case, this can be life-threatening in the event of high claims for damages!

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