Financial Independence 2 | Your Stories EP- 70 | SKJ Talks | Mother in Law handles Husband's Salary

Financial Independence 2 is a short film potraying, why Financial Independence is truly important for women. In this short film the mother in law handles the salary of her son and wants the salary of her Daughter in law as well.

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Vaisakh Balachander
Sujith K J

Story and Dialogues
Sujith K J

Adarsh Sarasan


Wife : Arya Sreekantan
Mother in Law : Jayanthi Kolappan
Husband : Shyam
Friend : Vidhya Abhijith

Dubbing Artist : Revathy Balachander

Narration: Sujith K J
Narration Camera : Vaisakh Balachander
Poster : Manikantan

Topics Covered
Are all Working Women Financially Independent
Financial Independence of women
Women and Financial Independence
Why is financial independence important for women ?
Guide to Achieving Financial Independence
Financial independence of working woman
Power of financial independence for woman
Steps that will make every woman financially independent
Money and Millenial Women
Why women need to be financially independent
Working woman managing money
financial literacy for woman
Mother in law and dowry
Mother in law Handling son’s salary
Mother in Law Handling husband’s salary
Mother in Law wants my salary
Daughter in laws salary handled by Mother in law
Money issues at house
Mother in law handles family finances
Husband provides his salary completely to Mother in Law
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