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The world of cryptocurrency investment, trading and building portfolio increases day by day. Technology like blockchain attracts many young and experienced investors because of its value. There are number of coins and tokens which is easily tradable in exchanges. One of the most popular coin would be SHIBA INU. (SHIBA INU PRICE PREDICTION 2022)


The SHIBA INU coin was created in August 2020 by an anonymous person calling themselves Ryoshi, an Indian. It was intended as an altcoin for Doge coin and named after Japanese dog breed, Shiba Inu. It is insanely popular among all cryptos because of the crowds, memes, persistence and cute dog.

Shiba Inu Coin is a decentralized, community-building cryptocurrency developed within the SHIBA INU ecosystem and built on top of Ethereum Blockchain Network. It is a meme coin launched as a rival of dogecoin or Doge-killer as it has already taken over some Dogecoin Markets, attracting a lot of attention among investors of cryptomarket.

Shiba Inu coin is a token and build on Ethereum Network. It is still working on price more due to its hyped popularity than utility.

Why it became popular?

Two Reasons

Elon Musk tweeted that he would like to own a shiba pup, that hyped the crypto market and its price increased by 300%.

Its price fell drastically after the Vitalik Buterin donated 50 trillion Shib coins to India Covid relief fund.

Future of Shiba Inu coin (2022)

In coin Market cap today its rank #15 and the live price is $0.00002729. its market cap is $14,982,000,885. For last 7 days nearly 15% increase and for 24hr nearly 2.5% happened.

This coin is called meme coin though many active investors shows interest in this coin they predict the value will increase. Although there isn’t much movement among the token because of active buyers it helps in value rise. Though many say the value is not significant but the popularity influence over large investors of crypto market. Crypto investors generally categorize this market is very vulnerable and has its volatility. The popularity of this markets beats the negative influence and more are entering the market.



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